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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  August 17, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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week -- incident. we cannot tolerate. >> mayor dixon and several city council members seem to agree that a solution to the violence lies in the courts. >> it becomes beyond the police issue and that is my concern that we are arresting these people and they are prosecuted as opposed to it during the revolving door. >> are prosecutors and our courts the to do a better job of applying those laws and making sure that they get the steps sentences for the crimes they are committing. >> we are identifying individuals who are carrying illegal weapons and the system has to do the rest. >> the city attorney is out of the office this week, but a spokesperson said they have gone to annapolis to pass stronger laws but they keep getting shot down. >> especially in the area of gun crimes, gangs, witness
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intimidation, these laws are not passed and when we question and look behind the decision, we see that a lot of folks are from public defenders that represent a majority. >> i am told that detectives are working the case and reviewing surveillance tapes in the area but so far, there are no suspects or arrests. >> howard county sheriff's deputies say they have only received one tip on the whereabouts of late -- and a state inmate. deputies say he was wearing handcuffs and leg restraints but somehow he choked a deputy and try to get the deputies gun. he climbed out of the car window and ran into the woods. there is a $5,000 reward leading to his capture and arrest. one man is dead and another
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hospitalized after a early morning stabbing in college park. officers were called to check on to people who fell to the ground. police say that two men had suffered cuts and one was pronounced dead. there is no word on the condition of the surviving man. >> a 65-your old woman was operating a 31 foot stingray when she hit six boats and to peers at the marina. it happened that just before noon today. a passenger on one boat was cut on her legs arms and stomach and was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. sky team 11 flew over the scene of an overturned milk truck in bellaire. the driver was turning right onto hillside drive about 10:40 a.m. this morning when the truck, a power line and overturned. the truck was towed away and the milk was cleaned up as well. no one was injured.
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after a slow start, the atlantic hurricane season is heating up in a hurry. the tropical storm caught a lot people by surprise and she made landfall without much warning. we are in panama city florida. what's as it came ashore, the storm left a wake-up call. >> here we go again. it spread rain and stirred up the surf. >> we had 65 mile per hour gusts. trees were blowing down, not going down, by blowing -- bending over. >> there was a suspected tornado near fort myers and sporadic power outages. and the biggest impact may be the reminder that it is hurricane season and tropical systems on nothing to take lightly. the hurricane gave less than paydays warning. >> there was no sign of bad
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weather and then all the sudden, we have a tropical storm. we were really surprised. >> we are just now getting into the time frame where we see our first storm reach hurricane intensity. >> right now, bill is forecast to become a hurricane. while forecasts keep away from the u.s. for now, those in the area noknown not to take for granted. with 14 weeks still to go in the hurricane season, that kind of what may not hold out all year. >> law thathe hurricane made la. let's look out onto the
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caribbean. tropical storm cannoanna has wif only 35 m.p.h. and there is no circular motion of that storm. the more of this storm is bill. it is a full-blown hurricane. it will curve to the north and will perhaps be more of a threat to bermuda than here in the atlantic coast region. we will talk more about that and our own tropical weather coming up in just a minute. >> in the ongoing political battle over health care reform, conservatives are pleased that many democrats are concerned. we have the latest from washington.
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president barack obama did not mention the public auction today. >> no one is one to take away your benefits. and that is the plain and simple truth. for benefits for the uninsured, the president had fought for government insurance until he appeared to give up. >> whether we have it or don't have it is not the entirety of health care reform. this is just one sliver of it. >> one's lover? whether we have it or not? conservatives are celebrating. >> people in this country do not want a government takeover of their health care. >> know what we want? >> health care. >> what a public auction is is essentially what veterans have and what people over 65 have and that is medicare. it works really well. >> insurance companies claim that new government rules could
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be the main goal. >> helping hands for working families to make sure they can afford it. >> the public option is still the hot topic today. >> you said that people can call it what they choose to. i will call a socialized medicine because that is exactly what it is. >> it is better than nothing. >> you said i could call it -- >> is the government coverage dead? the white house says no. barack obama does not even mention the public auction. from washington, wbal-tv 11 news. >> we have continuing coverage of the health-care debate. you can log onto our website and click on national news. >> in tonight's project economy report, the publisher of reader's digest magazine says it will file for chapter 11 bankruptcy.
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reader's digest association inc. has reached an agreement with lenders to restructure its debt. under the plan, the lenders get ownership of the company and will erase much of the $1.6 billion that they have in debt. reader's digest is the most popular and general magazine. >> the federal government has taken action against florida- based taylor been and would occur, spending much of its operations. >> it is having a tremendous impact. we have seen that thousands have fha insurance with them and regulators are getting about 20 calls a day from homeowners to find out who has the mortgage now. >> the ripple effect from troubles over a for a mortgage company are being felt in
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maryland. the federal house and administration suspended the company, preventing it from writing more fha insured loans. now, customers are confused. they got this message that the customers headquarters. >> we are no longer underwriting or processing loans in any jurisdiction, effective wednesday, august 5, 2009. >> when they call the customer service line, they get this [busy signal]. about 1000 people lost their jobs. about 150 people remain trying to answer questions. >> the lines are long and the process is too. i do not know how much we will
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be able to get around. when need to figure out where the loans are going. >> the company failed to provide a financial report and an auditor discovered a regular transactions that raised concerns of fraud. also, housing and urban development has proposed disbarment of the chief executive officer. they reached a $9 million settlement after saddling the underwriting standards and internal control procedures. the team made attempts to contact the company. bank of america is taking over the servicing of most of the loans. if you recently made payment, the fha said your payment should have been received and transferred to bac home
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servicing. you can find answers on our website just click on i-team. >> coming up, stomach cancer is one of these toughest -- one of the toughest cancers to treat. as your children have back to school, they may be nervous about their first day. how to get them ready for the upcoming school year. >> president obama talks to the veterans of foreign wars about his two wars in iraq and afghanistan. that story is coming up. >> the city works on an abandoned car problem. >> michael jackson was known for his music but he could be known his music but he could be known for something
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mayor >> a department of resources will buyback 2000 licenses in order to help manage crabbing in chesapeake bay. some ask for as little as $30 old wall some ask for four reported $5 million. they will now offer offer all crap fischer's almost four to $300. >> -- almost $2,300.
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>> it is too often diagnosed in later stages, but a new player has entered the scene. a well-known drug used in breast cancer treatment is being used. >> in 2006, his -- he was having -- she was having stomach pains. >> the doctor came out and said to my husband that i had stomach cancer. >> a circle oncologist said that the symptoms of stomach cancer are so vague. >> patients may have some of donald discomfort, they may have a low blood count because caster cancer tends to believe. they may start having indigestion. >> many patients may ignore it for too long.
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now, a breast cancer drug is showing promise for stomach cancer. >> we found a similar receptor in cancer cells that were similar to breast cancer cells. but as why we use the medication. two years after her surgery, she is doing very well. >> i thank my lucky stars every day. but she was a lovely lady. doctors are excited about the use. imedically inducing a woman into labor does not increase her risk for see section. researchers in california compared women who waited for labor to start naturally to those who were induced during early pregnancy. they found at inducing labor after 41 weeks gestation lower
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the risk force see section. -- a four c section -- foresee section. experts say that it is a decision that has to be made with the doctor. you may have finished your child's back-to-school shopping, but what about preparing his or her mind and body? parents should watch for signs of school phobia or separation anxiety. you can help them by reassuring them that those feelings are normal and not giving in to their desire to stay home. also, be sure to get back to an earlier, regular bedtime to make sure they're getting enough sleep and be sure that your children get a physical before the play any sport. >> now, your 11 insta-weather forecast. >> we were talking about
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hurricane season. we had a cool, wet spring and the start of summer was kind of cool but on the dry side and now we have the heat and humidity. for those of you who like it, celebrate because we will be stuck with it this week. a few scattered clouds as you can see on the doppler with a satellite thrown in for good measure. some of those clouds are over northern maryland. there are isolated showers and they are very spotty and very isolated. there will dissipate over the evening hours. tomorrow, we may see more of this activity. the real rain chances do not to kick in until the middle or the end of the week. the whole week will be very tropical. let's take a look at the current temperatures outside. at the airport, it is officially 87. a downtown it is 90.
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88 at ocean city and east and checks in at 86 -- 86. there are isolated storms in southwest virginia and coming off the grid lacks and parts of ohio and indiana, and as we take back of you a little bit, this little swirl of to see right there, that is claudette. it is travelling to eastern mississippi and it is not very impressive looking. it is a remnant of the storm. most of the brain activity is the kind of stuff that occurs when breezes come off the water and hit the humidity. the core of the storm is not doing very much. most of the rain is in georgia and down around the gulf coast region. for us, high-pressure and humid
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air and it is much more humid to our southwest. as the front tries to come in from the west, it will bump into this high pressure and dissipate. it is mostly clear tonight and warm. the wins will be calmed during the day tomorrow. it will just make it into the low 90s. we will call a hot and humid. an isolated thunder shower is possible late in the day. southwest winds of 5-10. the chances are fairly low. you can see these body rainshowers cropping up briefly in the afternoon. then as the front gets closer, it looks like it will wash out as it is coming in. the rain chances will dissipate. here's a look at our insta- weather 74 kesse. there is a small chance on tuesday.
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then, on thursday evening, rain chances go even higher. on the weekend, rain chances taper off on saturday and it is more comfortable. >> up next, a woman falls in a creek. he says it was an accident but her family and police are not so sure. now they are looking for the truth. >> many homeowners are looking at artificial grass. it may cost thousands of dollars, but some say it is worth it. worth it.
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go to for details. >> as many of us may know from watching law and order, please and prosecutors work together to prosecute crimes. in one area, they are locked in a legal fight over a mysterious cold case. >> it is mysterious what happened that day. a roaring stretch of whitewater. >> it was an accident. >> a denver area native was fishing with her husband and his friend. she was found dead by the water's edge. >> they were out fishing and she fell down on her side into the river. >> that account of events has
5:25 pm
been the subject of a five-year criminal investigation. the undersheriff says the accident story doesn't add up. >> i do not think it would be very possible to hear somebody screeam 80 yards away. he stood to inherit his wife's a state. >> i feel it's my own duty to pursue it as a homicide. >> and dan mason tells dateline that he is innocent. the suspects have an unlikely defender, district attorney tom what d[unintelligible] to arms of the law in battle over a mystery. >> i do not know she died of an accident or foul play. >> issue with your mother, was to not try everything? >> and you can see the full story, the mystery at dockery,
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tonight on dateline. >> sales of michael jackson merchandize have been soaring since the musicians death in june. lawyers are working on more merchandising deals for his estate, including a line of new clothing that may soon be hitting shells. it just weeks before his death, the king of pop was seeinn shopping at a boutique. michael jackson and evidently wanted in. >> he wanted to do a limne. >> apparently, he wanted in so much that he approve every design himself just before he died. nobody has seen the images and so now. the jackson jacket would have retailed for $250 and now i
5:27 pm
could sell for double or triple by. the clothing line also includes a rhinestone glove, rhinestone sox, t-shirt and belt. >> up next, after a car accident last week, a look at michael phelps. >> and the man accused of bombing pan am 103 could be out of prison. >> abandoned cars in the city, the new plan is next. >> it is a very special moving day for an east baltimore family. i have their sto explain. oh yea, well for 6 months, customers get all three: fios tv, internet and phone for just $79.99 a month. oh, all right, see... you're just moving your fingers, aren't you? i gotta cut my nails. (announcer) now get three amazing fios services for the price of two.
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new tonight at life 30, you have seen them for days or weeks or longer. they are tackling the problem of abandoned vehicles. the goal is to get abandoned cars off the street. we're live downtown with the latest. >> the plan is to mount this push to get the cars off the street and give them to a good cause. >> one of the number one issue is when we attend committee meetings are of the city, aside from trash and other issues are a bit of vehicles. >> mayor sheila dixon announced a new program aimed at abandoned cars on and off about the war streets. it will depend on people calling in violators. >> we will rely on the citizens of baltimore to give us information through the three- one-one process. we are here not to harass
5:30 pm
people. >> laws have been changed to fast-track the process. >> a rapid deployment team, which, if they get a call from one of their inspectors in the field, they will be out there the same day, issued a citation for that car. >> once the cars are collected, they will be given to a nonprofit. >> it was started in 1999 and we have awarded 3000 cars 655 of those cars to residents of baltimore city. >> these vehicles on public property, we have lowered the *. the to take up to 50 days to toe the vehicles away. now is the time. call 311 about that abandoned
5:31 pm
car problem >> the search continues for whoever shot two people saturday night inside and in the harbor pavilion. meanwhile, mayor sheila dixon says the violence will not be tolerated. she says that tupper -- tougher gun laws will help. he will have to tell a judge why he was fighting. the driver got a fine and three points on her license. federal prosecutors charge a
5:32 pm
miami man with the largest case of credit card and that card data theft ever in the west. investigators say that albert gonzales broke his own record for identity theft by issuing -- stealing information from millions of accounts. he faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted on the new charges. president obama was in phoenix today. he also said that he will fight to get the troops and veterans more support will getting taxpayers their money. >> at the veterans of foreign wars convention, president obama promised the iraq war is winding down on schedule. >> we will remove all of our troops from iraq by the end of 2011. for america, the rauf war will
5:33 pm
end. >> iraqi forces are getting ready to stand up and fight on their own. >> that is allowing the president to ramp up the u.s. troop presence in afghanistan, now the front line in the war on terror. >> this will not be quick or easy, but we must never forget, this is not a war of choice, this is a war of necessity. >> have kids are preparing for free elections on thursday, but the threat of taliban violence -- president obama said the troops will get the support that they need in battle, and here at home, he vowed to cut the red tape and the waste in spending. >> if it does not make america safer, we will not fund it. if it does not perform will terminated, and if congress sends me a program loaded with it but a poor, i will veto it. >>americans commitment is a bond
5:34 pm
that is sacred. >> they're promising to fight for those that fought for us. >> the president says he once a military the south up with 1 foot still stuck in the cold war. what's the fate of the man convicted in the deadly lockerbie bombing will have -- is a libyan man that was found guilty in the bombing that killed two of 70 people back in 1988. he has been diagnosed with terminal process that -- prostate cancer and he could be freed on compassionate grounds. he has asked that he be released to see his family before he dies. but some people believe ihe is
5:35 pm
innocent. >> it is likely to enrage groups representing the will to lives of americans that died in the bombing and they could press more legal action. >> companies are collecting information about the sites that to visit and what they're using that data for and how they hope to get you to spend more money. >> troubles for for the, what that means for people here in maryland. we have more details tonight at 6. >> she served the state of texas on capitol here, and now she has her
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covering the nation tonight, police hope to find the mother of an infant whose body was found in a dumpster. police say that the baby appears to be a newborn and want to speak to the child's mother. they are treating the case as a homicide until they discover the cause of death. police are discovering the
5:39 pm
bizarre case. dozens of exotic animals were found alive inside a home in orlando. the bodies of two elderly people were found inside a house on saturday and the cause of death is unknown. officers said they found 20 birds, five cats and three dogs. >> it has been abuzz about four months but it is official. kay bailey hutchison wants to be the governor of texas. she made the announcement today. the senior senator from texas will square off against gov. rick perry. he has been elected to two terms after completing governor bush's term. gov. terry has been around too long she says. >> he is a dedicated public servant. i know that he loves taxes. but now he is trying to stay too
5:40 pm
long. she will rollout her campaign with stops in san antonio, houston and austin. >> coming up next, how your internet surfing could cause it to spend more money. cell phone users are taking at&t to court. why they are -- why they are upset about what is not on their iphone. >> it may surprise you to see who sits in the driver's seat. >> we have some clouds out there this afternoon, but the brain is west of us. we will talk about the insta- weather plus cast. right now, it is gecko: uh, you wanted to see me sir? boss: come on in, i had some other things you can tell people about geico - great claims service and a 97% customer satisfaction rate. show people really trust us. gecko: yeah right, that makes sense. boss: trust is key when talking about geico. you gotta feel it.
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baltimore >> city is moving a step closer to bringing in new kind of racing to downtown. >> invest right now in a good pair of ear plugs. in the style racing to arrive as soon as 2011. the racing development has acquired the services of al unser jr. to help secure an i r l in the racing -- in the racing -- indy singh of it.
5:44 pm
it serves as a long stretch of the course. there's been a resolution of support. if they can lure open wheel racing, then the lead pitchman will have one more win. but i don't have anything to lose. i love racing. i love introducing racing to new markets. i am very proud to be a part of this team. >> baltimore does have plenty of competition. houston boston cleveland and detroit plan to bid for the race. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus cast with meteorologist john collins. things are warming up all week
5:45 pm
long. let's take a look at what is going on. there is no rain nearby. they're not producing any precipitation. the mountains of west virginia have a couple of isolated thundershowers. the heavier rains are in parts of ohio is not very close today. but the air is more close today. you can see that in western west virginia. that is where the higher humidity is and that is where you see more storm activity. maybe tomorrow is our turn. today, we are ok. temperatures are 87. annapolis is 84. stevens bill is 86. dover checks in at 86. frederick is 93 degrees. the satellite picture shows these clouds overhead.
5:46 pm
this is before in the ohio river valley and up towards detroit. you're beginning to see a line right here. this is where the humidity starts to pick up. it is less humid in the mid- atlantic region. it is still a little steamy out there. the tropical storm is now a depression. you can barely see the center of circulation right here. there are very low clouds. you are still seeing a little outflow. that storm has become very disorganized. it has managed to pull a lot of moisture into that southeastern part. what we're waiting for all these waiting -- of these weather systems that are trying to push gen. we have this area of high pressure over the atlantic. that will make the storms stall or washout as they try to closer to was but as they do get closer, it will increase the heat and humidity and our rain chances. it looks like it will stay dry
5:47 pm
overnight. 67 of 71. we break into the low 90s and an isolated thundershowers possible. southwest winds are 5-10 m.p.h.. the winds are at 5 to 15 knots. insta-weather futurecast true shows what we have right now. this could crop up for a brief time and then that this appears. this one for tries to push and and then on wednesday, we increase the range chances. this is a very tropical air mass so it will feel quite steep. we do not change the situation that much. the 70 forecast looks like this. hot humid weather over the next few days.
5:48 pm
this comes into our situation, here. if we can get this 7 day to come up, we could have 94 on wednesday and 88 on friday. those range chances pick up a little bit on wednesday and thursday. there are diminishing rain chances on saturday. very pleasant weather is expected. this just in, a 22-year-old man has been found guilty of having an explosive device and attempting to disarm a police officer after a pipe bomb was discovered in his backpack. dallas jermaine smith was sentenced to two concurrent prison terms and given credit for time served. an officer stopped him in july after noticing a bald under his shirt. in the past, he had similar pipe bomb run ins with the fbi.
5:49 pm
>> in tonight's consumer alert, breaking consumer news from washington. the national highway traffic safety administration opened a preliminary investigation last weekend to a 2007 wrangler. the government has received three complaints about overheating of the transmission. chrysler says it is aware of a small number in china, but not in the u.s.. at&t, the carrier for the i- from -- iphone promised to be able to text messages but so far it has not been turned on. apple says that it does not comment on litigation, but said ithat it could be available
5:50 pm
later. with the decline in consumer spending, they're determined to eke out much. the company is watching how you spend your time online and turning that insight into income. >> too much information is a good thing. the number crunching company manages transactions each quarter. >> it helps understand where they're coming from. it does know that a woman in the los angeles area has been here five times 04. >> their stock has grown nearly 30% this year as it has helped
5:51 pm
companies follow web servers of removed. >> it will be able to offer a target experience to the people that have already signed up and increase revenue by $1 million per month. >> they maximize the time consumers will watch video. >> we find a segment that is doing particularly well and we make sure that it is featured on the homepage and that will increase the amount of video that is consumed which has a tie-in to the amount of revenue generated. >> their next frontier is social. it helps turn all that customer input into corporate goal. >> it seems that game show contestants are using the shows to provide their own stimulus packages in this downturn economy. a millionaire says that more people are increasingly plain
5:52 pm
not for the dream vacations, but to keep their homes or pay off debt. producers say that 20% of their players are out of work bursa's 5% in 2008. artificial turf or fake grass is being used more and more. high schools are using it, but homeowners are now using artificial turf. one man installed the grass because he has too much shade and poor soil. that is tonight's consumer alert. >> why would you have any amendments at all? for more artificial grass, you can log onto our website, click on "newslinks." you can read up on the speculation by clicking on politics. a 1,200 pound cupcake makes the guinness book of world records.
5:53 pm
see the biggest cupcake for yourself when you click on slide show and who would not like to heat their house for less? you can try corn. see how under video. >> a double shooting brings new calls to stop the violence, but it comes with finger-pointing about who is to blame. that is coming up at 6:00 p.m.. >> the williams family and has a new home and a new lease on life. i will let you know about this program a seem smooth and strong to irreversible damage. no different. irreversible loss of enamel. enamel shield enamel loss by forming against acid attack. toothpastes dentists check most. save your enamel. be gone for good. enamel shield. with the rinse.
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it all adds up to one incredible deal from fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v unlike cable, fios brings 100% fiber optics straight to your home, for razor sharp tv, america's top rated internet-- now even faster, and crystal clear phone service. all for just... for 6 months. it's like getting 3 services for the price of 2. that's a $180 savings over six months for the best in home entertainment. don't miss this unbeatable value 3 great services, for the price of 2. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v this if fios. this is big. an east baltimore family is
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settling into their newly renovated home tonight. the williams home was destroyed by fire last year but the east baltimore development initiative helped make their home all new again. kim was there were for the return home. >> monday was moving day for the williams family. today is that they have been waiting for for a year-and-a- half. >> she came here and started crying. she said she never knew that this house was a home. >> their 2-year-old grandson lived here until march of last year when sunday came home and saw smoke coming out of the windows. >> all i remember was i [unintelligible] >> i grabbed the baby and i
5:57 pm
grabbed her and i pull both of them down the steps. luckily, both of them were ok, but the home was not and the family had to find another place to live. they decided to make this a chance to revitalize the neighborhood and to keep families in that home. you need to help the middle class. what's you to help them be safe to me to help them make sure that their investment in the neighborhood is safe. >> they help make their home new again. contractors rebuilt it top to bottom with the families in put and of all the abrades. even the front door is a novelty. now, they are very excited to have a proper front entrance. >> they were our guardian angels. i am giving them all my
5:58 pm
appreciation. >> and sonny says it a different way. >> there is no place like home. >> there is more to come, the group plans to revitalize 65 more homes. >> what a beautiful job they did. i know she is so excited. who wouldn't be. >> that as of 475 pm. here is a new -- here is what is coming up 6 pm. >> will tourism take a hit after last weekend's violence, a story is coming up what homeowners are impacted by a mortgage company. details coming up. live, local, like britain. this is wbal-tv 11 news in ht. >> the search continues for a suspect that gunned down two men in the inner harbor pavilion, a terrifying customers. it is our big story tonight at
5:59 pm
6:00 p.m.. 11 news i-team reporter is on the scene. >> the pilot episode that happened down here was like a bad movie that keeps running. city leaders insist that the inner harbor is safe. >> it was business as usual at baltimore's inner harbor. and not a sign of the violence that erupted saturday night. a 20-year-old man and a 17-year- old boy was shot when someone pulled a gun during a fight. what i feel comfortable that the commissioner and his team are assessing the situation and looking at some strategies and plans. he is just as frustrated as i am about what took place. it was an isolated incident. we do not need that to happen in our harbor


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